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Hello, I’m

Michael Marshall

Welcome to Michael Marshall Fitness, I’m an Online Personal Trainer here to accomplish my dreams in fitness and helping others achieve their goals whether that be, weight loss, toning, confidence whatever it maybe. I am here for you! All in the comfort of your own Home. No gym required!

From finishing College and Volunteering at my local Gym for two years running PT sessions and then suffering from setbacks with depression, it is finally time for me to facilitate change. Make life better! Not just for me but for everyone!

My mission is to help everyone feel both healthier and happier. Simple as that!

This is why it has been important for me to create an Online Plan that will benefit YOUR long-term success, that is sustainable for YOU and a place where empathy and human touch are values that are not forgotten. Not a “90 plan and see you later” type of thing. Something that will add value to YOUR life.

I will be on the journey every step of the way and can continue for as long as you like.

How have I done this?

By creating a system that is affordable for everyone but also adds more value at the same time. No BS nonsense. I really wanted to create a place where this is your home long term wise for Health & Fitness. Also, importantly a place someone genuinely listens to you and is approachable!

Training Plan: - Assigned follow along videos with instructions with the workouts tailored for your needs. No gyms required at all and all in the comfort at your own home.

Education: - I have created the Learning Zone system making education around Nutrition Fitness and Wellbeing easier for you. This is also all video based, you will feel more empowered and confident!

Nutritional Guidance: - Tailored Calories and Macros requirements and coaching around Nutrition. You will not be given a meal plan telling you what meals (food) you are eating. This is because I give you the freedom to choose what food you would like. Again, more empowerment! There are 200+ recipes to also choose from.

Wellbeing: - This is a super important aspect of the Learning Zone, sharing techniques and looking after yourself mentally. On rest days, or as I like to call them Wellbeing days, you may do some form of activity to help with Wellbeing.

Messaging System: - That’s right no emails. When you sign up there is a dedicated messaging system directly linked to me and you can message anytime making It easier to catch up. So, everything is truly all in one place.

For more information please see the Pricing Page or send me a message on the Contact Page.

Hope you have a great day. Health and Happiness above all!

No gym required

Workouts can be done anywhere!

30 Minutes or less!

Workouts no more than 30 minutes, most recipe ideas no more than 30 minutes.

Learn as you burn

Constant education on nutrition, fitness and wellbeing but simple and not overwhelming.

No restrictive ‘diets’ or fads

I focus on giving you real nutritional advice and meals plan that you can stick to long term and help you become happier

Constant Support

Helping you on a life’s journey supporting you every step of the way. Long term not short-term investment

Packages to suit all

Perfect for everyday person, business person, family orientated family/kids’ meals.

Pricing Plans

Let’s achieve your goals together!

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Got a question?

I am very positive and approachable so don’t be afraid to ask me a question I am here to help!