Pricing Plans Achieving your goals together!

Tailored Training Plan

Follow along to pre-recorded workout videos tailored to you, where I am doing the workout with you. Much better for motivation and you can train at the Gym or at Home. Workouts no more than 45 minutes!

Nutritional Guidance

Calorie and Macro requirements are worked out for you. I will be giving tailored nutritional advice for your needs. I won’t be giving you a ‘meal plan’ where I am telling you what food you are eating as I don’t encourage strict ‘meal plans’ and more freedom to you.

200+ Recipe Ideas

Over 200 recipes to choose from. Most only take around 30 mins to make and are simple and tasty. You’ll be surprised actually and nothing boring or complicated.

Food Diary

Your Calorie and Macro requirements will be displayed here. You can track what you are eating using this diary and it’s simple enough to add.

Learning Zone

All coaching videos around Nutrition, Fitness and Wellbeing are displayed here. After each video you can complete to show understanding or ask questions. You can also see if anyone else has asked questions. Complete at your own pace and time.

Messaging and Chat Support

In built messaging system where we can stay in touch. I’m approachable every day and we will be in touch constantly. I will also be giving tailored advice through this system, so it Is easily accessible to you. You will always get continuous support from me all the time.

Monitor Progress

Daily diary about your thoughts and feelings (which I can look at) and progress tracker with photos and measurements.

Mobile Friendly

All interactive based web app for your phone. No PDFs or anything external. All in one place!


3 Month Block Booking

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Monthly Membership

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No gym required

Workouts can be done anywhere!

30 Minutes or less!

Workouts no more than 30 minutes, most recipe ideas no more than 30 minutes.

Learn as you burn

Constant education on nutrition, fitness and wellbeing but simple and not overwhelming.

No restrictive ‘diets’ or fads

I focus on giving you real nutritional advice and meals plan that you can stick to long term and help you become happier

Constant Support

Helping you on a life’s journey supporting you every step of the way. Long term not short-term investment

Packages to suit all

Perfect for everyday person, business person, family orientated family/kids’ meals.

Got a question?

I am very positive and approachable so don’t be afraid to ask me a question I am here to help!